Clinical Data

Clinical Data

Large prospective randomised trial: ENDOCUFF™ is safe and improves adenoma detection and removal without lengthening operator time or reducing caecal or ileal intubation rate

Prospective Randomised trial: ENDOCUFF™ increases ADR by 28% and total number of adenomas detected by 86%. Caecal intubation 98%. Safe, reliable and easy to handle, particularly valuable in Caecum and Sigmoid.

ENDOCUFF™ facilitates access for complex polypectomy and scar assessment in the sigmoid.

Multicenter US trial: ENDOCUFF™ increases the number of adenomas detected by 110% in screening colonoscopy and ADR by 55%. Particularly useful in the Right Colon.

Learning curve: ENDOCUFF™ assisted colonoscopy increases ADR after four procedures.

Single Centre Pilot Evaluating the use of ENDOCUFF VISION® in Screening Colonoscopy. Zacharias P. Tsiamoulos, Patel K, Misra R, Suzuki N, Haycock A, Thomas-Gibson S and Saunders B United European Gastroenterology Journal 2014:2 (Suppl 2)

New ENDOCUFF VISION® increases ADR by 35% in a Center of Excellence.

ENDOCUFF™: a new, safe, and promising device for screening colonoscopy to improve ADR and facilitate polypectomy?

Each 1% increase in ADR reduces interval cancer by 3% and cancer death by 5%.

A higher ADR means fewer interval cancers



ENDOCUFF™ is a revolutionary product designed to enhance colonoscopy in so many ways. Simply push the ENDOCUFF™ onto the tip of your colonoscope and as soon as you are performing a procedure you will enjoy the benefits.

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Endocuff Vision

ENDOCUFF VISION® is our next generation of ENDOCUFF and has been designed to give an optimal view of the entire colon. We have created an ENDOCUFF with a single row of longer arms that gently avert and flatten folds even in the ascending colon.

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Simple Installation, Unparallelled Vision and Quick Collection means the Wide-Eye™ Polyptrap is the most efficient way to retrieve resected polyps.

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" The Endocuff is feasible, safe, reliable and easy to handle and might have potential to reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer "

Dr Meister, Clinical Endocrirology News Digital Network

" ...potential to become an indispensable tool of every colon cancer surveillance program "

Dr Meister, UEGW 2014

" My colleagues and I have definitely found polyps that they didn’t see with the forward view. We feel we were doing an excellent exam with current colonoscopy and that this made it better. "

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